PYTHAGORAS B / C: An Experimental Measure
of Verbal and Nonverbal Creativity

by Greg A. Grove, Ph.D. Education © 1999 ~ All Rights Reserved


Item Description: The Pythagoras is an individually administered measure of verbal and nonverbal creativity available for purchase by qualified professionals (minimum B.A. or B.S. degree) in the fields of education, psychology, research and development, student or employee classification and placement, and so forth.

The test comes in two equivalent forms, takes approximately 30 minutes per form to give and score, for ages 8 through adult. The testís domains include (1) Creative Imitation (timed), (2) Verbal Interpretation (untimed), (3) Original Production (untimed), and (4) Verbal Aptitude (timed). T-scores (20 through 80) and percentile equivalents (-1 through 99+) are provided for each of the subtests and the Composite, sufficient to identify a wide range of creative potentiality.

The experimental test kit comes with a Manual, two sets of geometric shapes (easy assembly required), test Forms B and C, and norms. Permission is granted to duplicate the protocols (unlimited usage) for testing/research purposes only. Furthermore, those who purchase the test are invited to share their test results with the author for the purpose of developing additional norms tables.

Item Cost: The total cost is $50 per kit, payable by money order or cashierís check only. Make the money order or cashierís check payable to: Dr. Greg A. Grove. To receive your kit, enclose a written request that states your professional background and the intended use of the test, along with payment, to the following address:

Dr. Greg A. Grove
136 Fulton Place
Windsor, CA 95492 USA

Your order will be processed and mailed within 10 business days of receipt.

Item Refund Policy: Sorry, but because of the nature of the test and test materials, there is a "no return" policy.