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We sometimes forget that in spite of special programs and tutorial sessions the struggling student may not be getting the proper help he needs to become academically and vocationally successful. The way an individual is neurologically equipped to receive information and to relate to his environment not only influences his behavior but also his perception of the world.

If a student is allowed to operate through his strengths and his weaknesses are compensated, he will flourish and mature. However, if the environment concentrates only on his weaknesses and emphasizes what he cannot do, he may never realize his potential or be content with himself and others. It is for this very reason that PsyMetric Solutions was created by Dr. Greg A. Grove, Educational Consultant and Psychometrist.

With more than 28 years of educational experience as teacher, administrator, and college professor, Dr. Grove is available to discuss your educational needs. He holds the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education from Pensacola Christian College and the Doctor of Psychology degree in Creativity from Calamus International University, where he serves as a faculty member. He is the founder of Mysterium, a fellowship for creative individuals, and the Poetic Genius Society, which acknowledges the poet’s unique role in furthering civilization through verse.


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