by Greg A. Grove, Ph.D. Education

Copyright © 2001 - All rights reserved

(English version)

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PART A Numerical Insight

Please read directions for submission below before you start the exam.

Directions: Figure out which number does not belong in each row. Work across the page from left to right. Do not skip; answer every problem below in the column on the right.  If you choose not to answer a question, please use the a capital letter "B" as confirmation you did not omit to answer the question by accident.

 1) 11-16-4-8-2


 2) 3-11-6-66-33


 3) 1-16-13-11-6


 4) 20-6-15-18-4


 5) 21-3-18-9-15


 6) 21-18-16-7-6


 7) 4-8-4-1-3


 8) 3-13-8-15-18


 9) 6-9-11-15-18


10) 2-16-9-7-17


11) 18-10-13-11-16


12) 19-5-4-25-16


13) 29-27-14-30-23


14) 19-9-14-8-11



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PART B Expressive Creativity

Directions: Enter T (true) or F (false) in right column. Do not skip; answer every item below.

 1) I would rather be a politician than a philosopher.


 2) I would rather be an efficiency expert than a musician.  


 3) I would rather be an engineer than an artist.  


 4) I get my best ideas by daydreaming rather than relying on books, well-established authorities, or other people.  


 5) If I had the talent, I would enjoy being a composer.  


 6) I would rather edit than write a book.  


 7) I would rather be a leader than an inventor.  


 8) I prefer teachers who give well-organized courses and clear assignments to those who require independent reports and papers.  


 9) I often make judgments by first impressions and feelings.  


10) I solve intellectual problems by careful, logical thinking.  


11) If I had the talent, I would enjoy being a sculptor.  


12) I think I am a practical rather than an imaginative person.  


13) My friends think of me as an objective rather than an emotional person.  


14) I am more of a realist than an idealist.  



Submit your answers to the following email address: The if you formatted the exam correctly, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes (from automation).  A report of your performance will reach you within one week. A score at or above the 98th percentile qualifies for Mysterium membership.

Please submit your answers to: (the is the email address of the automation)

 The subject must contain - Mysterium Exam IV - English

 In the body of your text – place your first and last name and answers, as in the example below.

 Please note the format, as it is key to success… there is a colon and a space before every answer…also, just in case – A01, the 0 is a zero, not a capital o.



First Name: Monte

Last Name: Washburn

A01: 1

A02: 2

A03: 3

A04: 4

A05: 5

A06: 6

A07: 7

A08: 28

A09: 39

A10: 48

A11: 58

A12: 68

A13: 78

A14: 88

B01: T

B02: T

B03: T

B04: T

B05: T

B06: T

B07: T

B08: F

B09: F

B10: F

B11: F

B12: F

B13: F

B14: F